5 Reasons To Customize Your Call Screen

If you haven’t yet customized your call screen, then it’s time to do so.  And if you’re not yet convinced why it’s worthwhile? Well, that’s where we come in to help sort things out for you. Here are the top 5 reasons to customize your call screen. 

  1. Look forward to your phone ringing

Wouldn’t it be great if you were actually excited about getting a phone call? What if you didn’t have to dread the sound of your ringtone once and for all? With CallApp’s personalized Video Ringtones, you can rest assured that you’ll always look forward to your phone ringing. 

  1. Relive your favorite memories throughout the day

Catch yourself daydreaming at work about those beautiful memories while you were on holiday? Don’t you want to relive those moments throughout the day, at every ring? By customizing your call screen with Video Ringtones, you can always see your favorite memories, even while on the job. 

Set any video as your ringtone
  1. Instantly know who’s calling you 

It’s one thing to see the name of the caller written on your screen – but it’s a whole other ball game to actually see a video of that specific caller (or video memory related to that caller). CallApp enables you to set a different video for each caller, making for an easier and even faster way to always know who’s calling. 

  1. Be unique 

Why follow the crowd with a standard, built-in ringtone that probably annoys those around you when you can be unique?  Be the only one (at least in the vicinity) with the coolest, most original ringtones yet that has everyone jealous. 

Show off your awesome customized ringtones
  1. Because why not? 

Another great reason to customize your call screen with personalized Video Ringtones is that there’s no reason not to.  It’s affordable, it’s adorable, and it’s everything you could ever want to improve your calling experience.