Are You A Victim Of Your Own Phone?

As crazy as it may sound, without being completely aware, you may in fact be a victim of your own phone, allowing a small, plastic device to take over your life. And truth be told, this is somehow the reality for most of us. We are constantly stressed by what’s happening (or not happening) on our phones. 

A girl holding her smartphone
Don’t be a victim of your own phone

Do you stress about making sure that you’re always available to answer, and that you’ll never miss an important call?  Do you stress about whether or not to answer a call, not knowing who’s calling, if it’s a call you’ll regret missing, or one that you’ll regret answering such a spammer or scammer? 

Do you stress about the overwhelming amount of notifications that your phone sends you about missed calls? And we haven’t yet mentioned the frustration that hearing the same ringtone over and over again can cause.

A group of people holding up their smartphones
Control your calling experience with CallApp

Since you likely answered a big yes to at least some of these questions – it’s safe to say that it’s time to take control of your calls and that you stop being a victim of your own phone. In other words, it’s time to download CallApp, the tool that offers everything you could ever need and more to do so.  From advanced Caller ID to spam call blocking, personalized missed call reminders, and even customized video ringtones, we’ve got covered in making sure that the calling experience is one that you own – not one that owns you!