CallApp Is Here To Protect You From Spoofing

Are you ready to answer every call with more confidence than ever before, and actually always know who’s calling? Of course, you are, so here’s how… 

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Always know who’s calling you

While it’s widely known (at least by our 75 million worldwide users) that CallApp is the ultimate Caller ID app to help you always know who’s calling – what about Caller ID spoofing? Although our caller identification technology is indeed the most advanced on the market, based on an AI algorithm and even requiring numbers to be confirmed by others, when it comes to Caller ID spoofing – it, unfortunately, requires additional measures to be sure 100% sure that the number that appears on your screen is in fact the number that’s calling.

CallApp identifies pretty much any number across the globe, but if a person decides to lie about the number they are calling from, it can get more complicated. And for that very reason, CallApp has recently added a new feature – enabling users to answer their calls with complete certainty. 

So what exactly can CallApp do to solve this issue, and make sure that you actually always know who’s calling you? Our new number verification system in fact helps you ensure that the number that appears on your Caller ID screen – is the actual number that’s calling you, no spoofing, no tricks, no scams.    

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CallApp is here to protect you from spoofing

All you’ve got to do is make sure that you see a green verification checkmark next to the number that’s calling you, which means that CallApp has not only identified the number for you but has also verified the number for you.  Calling has never been easier and safer with CallApp. You’re oh so welcome.