Never hang on or up again

Asked to just ‘hang on a sec’ by an unknown number? That’s a major no, your time is far more precious than that, and we surely don’t need to tell you to not wait around for someone to take advantage of you. 

Find yourself hanging up on most of the calls that you receive too? Well, that’s also a major no. There’s no reason in the world why you should be receiving any unwanted calls, especially with CallApp around. 

CallApp is here to make sure that your precious time is never spent ‘hanging on’ (or at least not for an unworthy reason) and is also never spent hanging up either.  While there’s been a reduction in robocalls in the United States in recent years, unfortunately, it’s really only because of COVID-19 that forced many call centers that perform these calls to close down (temporarily).  

But even then,  Americans receive shocking amounts of these robocalls, with close to 46 billion to be more precise.  These unwanted, unsolicited, illegal, and fraudulent calls are a real issue that needs to be addressed, and of course, solved too.  Once the pandemic ends, we’re confident another rise will come about. 

An illustrated depiction of a thief stealing a man's identify
Never share personal information over the phone with unverified numbers

If you’re not familiar with what a robocall is, it’s when a machine starts speaking to you rather than a real human being, which you’ve surely experienced more times than you can count.   Even if you eventually recognize that it’s a scam, your time has still been unnecessarily wasted. In order to avoid these kinds of calls, it’s crucial that you have CallApp to identify these calls for you – and also allow you to block them from coming in from the get-go.

Get to the root of the problem! Download CallApp now to stop hanging – both on and up.