Next Level Post-Call Productivity

You’re likely to be thinking that we’ve already covered every single calling related feature possible, right? Well, while we completely understand where these thoughts are coming from, we still aim to keep on impressing our 100 million users wherever we possibly can. And since we know how precious time is to everyone, we’ve made productivity an extra priority here at CallApp. For these very reasons, we’ve recently added a ‘post-call’ feature that allows you to perform a wide variety of actions without thinking twice, or even making more than just one simple click. 

The CallApp post call productivity feature
Save time with CallApp’s post-call feature

Once you finish a call, you’ll be presented with several icons that offer you the ability to do just about anything you could ever dream of after a call.  If you want to send a text message (or Whatsapp message) about something you discussed (or forgot to discuss) during your call,  then all you’ve got to is click on the icon in front of you.  If you want to take down a note about what was discussed during your call to make sure you remember, then once again – all you’ve got to do is select the icon in front of you. There’s no need to leave the contact’s profile and look further for this feature. 

If you want to save a number in your contact book, block the number from calling you, set the caller to incognito mode (next time you call them they won’t be able to see your Caller ID), or even call them back – the post-call feature has got you covered.  

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Be more productive than ever before with CallApp.

Your calling experience just got that much more productive and efficient, ensuring that you invest minimal time while communicating while getting the maximum benefits. 

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