One Thing That Stands In The Way Of Scammers

While scammers might seem like completely ruthless, unstoppable people, there’s one thing that stands in their way.  And that one thing would be none other than CallApp. Ok, well, CallApp can’t stop anyone from being ruthless in their nature, but it can surely stop them from achieving their goals of scamming people out of their hard-earned money. 

CallApp offers not only the most advanced Caller ID technology to identify billions of numbers, allowing users to always know who’s calling, but also offers advanced technology capable of blocking any number. CallApp even recognizes certain numbers as scam or as spam, in order to prevent users from answering these calls, and gives them the option to block these numbers for good too. Users can even report these numbers as scam or spam to protect others from receiving these calls without being notified prior. 

A man speaking on the phone in a shopping centere
Spammers can’t get by CallApp

Many scammers and spammers are aware however that Caller ID & Call Blocker apps exist, which is why they often aim to appear on your screen as a different number. This is known as Caller ID spoofing, and these malicious callers often will fool you into believing that they are calling from a bank or official government agency. You’re also likely to fall for their trick since the number on your Caller ID screen will show up as whatever they wanted it to. CallApp has recently added a number verification feature – capable of confirming for you whether the number calling you, is really the number calling you.

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Block scammers with CallApp

So it’s safe to say that CallApp is truly the only thing standing in the way of scammers and spammers, and that’s only going to continue to do so. Download CallApp now to protect yourself from these unwanted calls.