Remember When Your Phone Was Your Friend?

Remember the good old days – when your phone was your friend? When it was a place that was only for catching up and scheduling to meet up with your friends and family? Not only was it a place reserved for people we really wanted to speak to – but these people also knew the times to not disturb us, such as not first thing in the morning, not in the middle of the night, and surely not during dinner time.  

Nowadays though? It’s a whole other ball game. When was the last time a scammer or telemarketer had your best interests in mind and called you at a convenient time? This is a rhetorical question.  When was the last time a telemarketer called you just to catch up?  And when was the last time you were truly excited to hear your phone ring without worrying even slightly? Exactly. 

Your phone should be something you look forward to answering

Where are the beautiful days when our phone was our friend? Unfortunately this is the new reality we face – that our phone is no longer our friend. Or at least, not by default. And that’s where CallApp comes in, to bring these days back.  CallApp is here to make sure that your phone becomes your friend again. 

Always know who’s calling with CallApp, decide whose call to answer (and who’s to not answer), and even block any unwanted number.  Even if a number isn’t saved in your contacts, you can count on CallApp to identify it for you and let you know too when a scammer or telemarketer is calling. And in fact, thanks to CallApp, your phone can be your friend more than ever before – even more so than the days of a landline. How so?

Set any video as your ringtone with CallApp

Set any video of your choice as your ringtone (with even a different one per contact) to really look forward to your phone ringing. With CallApp, you can also be sure to customize just about any aspect of your calling experience.  So who’s ready to become friends with their phone again? Download CallApp now.