So You Fell For A Scam, What Now?

We don’t need to tell you (unfortunately) that scams are now more prevalent than ever before. They are everywhere and anywhere and are out to get everyone and anyone.  They’ve also become far more ruthless, and also even harder to identify.  With all things being said, you may very well have fallen for a scam. 

Thankfully, you’re not the first, you’re not alone, and it can definitely happen to anyone. There’s no need to beat yourself up, you’re best off focusing your energy on trying to solve the problem. There are a few things you can do once you understand that you fell victim to a phone scam.  

A man holding his face in dismay as he discovers he's been scammed
There are certain steps you can take after realizing you’ve been scammed.

You firstly should opt to cancel your credit card or whichever piece of identity was stolen from you.  This can help prevent any heartbreaking charges from taking place (if it’s not too late). You should also aim to check your bank statement right away to see if anything was already charged so you can report it right away.   Calling the police or official authorities within your reach is also always a good idea to report the incident and see if there’s anything they can do to help. 

Thankfully also due to advanced technologies, we can now identify just about any phone number.  Start by looking up the phone number (which you can do with CallApp) to see what kind of information you can gather.  CallApp can likely help you find their name and can also tell you if the number has already been reported as a scam. 

And of course, to prevent these scams from happening in the first place, you can rely on CallApp to identify scammers for you, block them for you as well and even tell you when a number isn’t ‘verified’ meaning that the number has been spoofed (appearing on your screen as another number). 

A man holding his credit card and phone as he sits at his desk
CallApp allows you to search for numbers

In addition to CallApp to protect you against phone scams, it’s also important to be wary no matter how trustworthy someone may sound. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If something sounds strange and doesn’t seem to match up, it probably doesn’t. Trust your gut feeling and there’s no such thing as being too careful.