The Only Way To Really Be Fully Protected

While we’ve already shared an exclusive interview with Amit On, the CEO and founder of CallApp on the pressing topic of Vishing,  we’ve decided to go more in-depth about this type of scam. To be more specific, with so many dangers and risks out there, we’re here to delve into how CallApp offers the only way to really fully be protected over the phone

If you’re not familiar with the term Vishing, then we’ll briefly summarize for you that it’s when scammers rather literally fish for your information. The main difference between actual fishing is that instead of using a fishing rod in a pond, they use experience and malicious psychology over the phone to get what they want.  And they of course aren’t looking for some fresh fish to make for dinner, but rather they are hungry for your personal information to use against you and take advantage of you. In fact, they aren’t just hungry, they are STARVING for it. Doesn’t sound so nice at all, now doesn’t it? Of course not. 

So how can you stay safe? While you’re surely aware that many apps offer the technology to identify calls for you and even block scammers for you, is this really enough? Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that it’s no longer enough, which is why CallApp has majorly stepped its game for your safety. Don’t sweat it – it’s really our greatest pleasure! 

Prevent Vishing with CallApp

Here’s what CallApp offers to ensure complete safety over the phone  

The most advanced Caller ID technology: 

CallApp has the world’s largest phone number database, able to identify billions of numbers, and is even made more accurate by a community contribution system. This already helps to prevent countless scams, Vishing included, of course. 

Number verification feature:

CallApp now even verifies and confirms numbers as correctly identified in order to prevent Caller ID spoofing – a popular scam in which callers attempt to show up on your screen as another number.  This feature also helps prevent Vishing from taking place in the first place. 

Advanced scam blocking technology:

Similar to the Caller ID technology, CallApp is capable of identifying and blocking scammers for you from the get-go thanks to its innovative software. 

Free call recorder:

If you do fall for one of these scams, CallApp’s call recorder is an invaluable feature to have evidence of the scam call that took place. 

With everything CallApp offers against Vishing calls, you can be sure to have a better night’s sleep. We advise everyone to still be extra cautious over both the phone and the internet when asked to provide personal information, but CallApp can help nonetheless protect you against any slips because after all, we’re all human, right? 

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