What is CallApp?

CallApp is the #1 Caller ID & Block app in the US and the world’s largest, most comprehensive, unlimited and FREE caller-id.
CallApp identifies a billion of unknown callers before you pick up the phone and updates your contacts with social pictures & info from: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Whatsapp and all major social networks & web sources.

Why is CallApp better than any other caller ID app?

Well, you should probably already know the answer to this if you’re a CallerApp user, but we have no problem clarifying things for you.  CallApp isn’t just any other Caller ID app, with the world’s largest database of phone numbers, allowing you to find just about any number out there, and block them too.
And on top of all the essentials, we also offer unbeatable customization features to make your calling experience the best yet.

How can CallApp help me be more productive?

CallApp can help you be more productive by managing your calls and providing you with both missed call reminders and even reminders about the calls that have yet to be returned to you.
Our AI technology acts pretty much as a personal assistant for you around the clock.

Is CallApp Safe?

Yes! CallApp does not share your data or personal information with any additional parties and is here to help protect you from spam callers.