When Caller ID Is Unknown

What happens when the Caller ID is unknown? Good question. Well, firstly, it probably means that you don’t have CallApp yet and that you should download it right about now if you don’t want to get yourself into these kinds of situations. 

But if you do already have CallApp downloaded on your mobile phone and the number still appears are unknown? Then there’s likely something wrong with the number calling you. Since CallApp has the world’s largest phone number database, with billions upon billions of numbers recognized, if the software wasn’t able to recognize the number calling you, then it’s likely to be a number you don’t want to be speaking to.

A woman holding a phone with no Caller ID
You probably don’t have CallApp if a call is unknown

And if the caller decided to purposely call you from incognito mode? Then you can also assume that there’s a good reason they don’t want you to know who’s calling – and you should avoid answering that call at all costs.  Trust us when we say that any reliable person won’t have a problem showing you their identity when calling. 

We know that curiosity kills you – it’s a part of human nature. If the call is important enough, however,  they’ll make sure to let you know who they are without hiding it.  Always know who’s calling.