Your Questions About Caller ID, Answered

We all love being able to always know who’s calling – there’s no doubt about it! It’s a complete game-changer. But you’ve surely got some additional questions about Caller ID that you’d love to get the answers to.  So once again, we’re here to save the day and provide you with everything you could ever ask for. 

An illustrated image of a cell phone ringing

How do I know that the Caller ID is accurate and that I’m not being spoofed? 

With CallApp, you can trust that the number that shows up on your Caller ID screen is actually the number that’s calling you. CallApp has recently added a number verification feature, capable of checking and confirming numbers for you – taking the identification process to the next level and preventing number spoofing. 

How is my name chosen through all the nicknames that my friends and family have saved my number as?

Since your number is likely saved by each friend and family member as something else, CallApp works off of an advanced hierarchy system.  This means that in order to ensure the most accurate name for your number, CallApp uses AI to determine what your real name is – nicknames and connotations aside. This way, you won’t show up as ‘mom’ or ‘my love’ in the CallApp database. 

How can I make my Caller ID screen more exciting?

If you’d like to see more than just the name and number of the person calling you, well then, you’ve come to the right place! CallApp is your ultimate Caller ID and customization app – and when it comes to the two combined,  it’s a real dream come true! You can set any video of your choice to any contact and it will show up every time they call! 

If I’ve blocked a caller, will the call still be identified?         

The beautiful thing about blocking a number with CallApp is that the call won’t be just recognized as a blocked number, but it won’t even ring or show up on your screen! Save yourself the time and energy. 

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